Certification of Physical Inventory of Property

Issued:  January 14, 2004  

  Name of Department   Department/Sub Department Code



  Departmental Property Contact Responsible for Conducting the Inventory:



  Phone Number



In accordance with The Texas A&M University System policies and procedures, I hereby certify that a complete physical inventory was conducted for all inventoried personal property in the possession of the above listed department and that the information is true and correct.  I acknowledge that the results of the physical inventory will be maintained on file and that the Texas Forest Service Property Manager will be notified of any discrepancies during the physical inventory as required by The Texas A&M University System policies and procedures.  All discrepancies are listed below or on the attached page(s).


All items on the attached listing are present and accounted for except for those missing, stolen, found assets, etc. as noted below:
Inventory # Description Value Explanation Official Use Only










NOTE:  Only the Accountable Property Officer is authorized to sign this form.  No designees will be accepted.



    Accountable Property Officer's Signature                        Date (mm/dd/yyyy)


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